Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Makes LED Lights an Effective Choice

The use of fluorescent bulbs was from years. Since many years these lighting accessories have been widely used due to its efficiency. These accessories are ideal for both public and working sites. But with immense development, newer products have come into existence that has become much more efficient. The LED products have taken over the use of traditional fluorescent tubes.

These new products, in today's date, are grabbing the attention of customers at a huge pace. Their benefits have made them gain immense popularity within a very less time. Now let us find out what made these revolutionary products emerge as a latest trend.

Benefits of Revolutionary LED Products:

Now that everyone makes use of this revolutionary product, it is very important to know its advantages.

Following are a few advantages of LED strip lighting:


Undoubtedly, fluorescent bulbs are less expensive than these products. But LEDs make a major difference in its efficiency. When it comes to durability, then certainly these products tend to come at the top of the queue. Many surveys concluded that incandescent lights hardly last for 800 to 1500 hours, but LEDs last for more than 60,000 hours. This helps to save a huge sum of money and hence they become an economical product.

Less Noise:

One of the significant disadvantages of fluorescent lights is that they are a bit noisy. This becomes very irritating for the users. When used for prolonged period, they produce a popping and clicking sound. These sounds are very annoying. But when it comes to LED lights, they cut this problem. These products work silently with no noise.


Fluorescent bulbs consist of a very small quantity of mercury in it. This metal, when vaporizes, becomes very harmful for environment and human beings. Inhalation of this harmful pollutant can result in serious complications. Proper disposal of fluorescent products is a necessity. The manufacture of LEDs does not include the use of harmful substances. This is why it is completely safe for both residential and official use.

Different Colors:

One of the significant disadvantages of the fluorescent lighting accessories is their color profile. Making use of technological advancement, these products use various kinds of phosphorous powder. This, as a result, emits a warmer color. On the other hand, LED can produce different types of colors. This is what makes it different from the traditional products.

When you wish to meet various needs, you need to pay more attention to LED lights. The many features of great performance, durability, less hazardous materials and different colors make these products a useful accessory.

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